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March 15, 2021

Lifestyle Baby Session |Rye, NY

Capturing those first months of life is one of the most treasured keepsakes a parent can ask for, and lifestyle baby sessions are the perfect way to do so! I remember getting our pictures back of our baby girl, Amelia-Grace, and I balled my eyes out! They’re so special and I always look back on them with such fond and sweet memories. So, getting to capture the same sweet moments for other families is such an honour and makes my heart so happy!

Sweet Ellie is such a bundle of cuteness, and this session in Rye, New York was a lot of fun to shoot! Ellie’s gorgeous blue eyes and little cheeks will immediately put a smile on your face! She was all smiles throughout her session for her parents. And, her parents did such a great job of prepping for the session, making sure to include special details and outfits!

If you’re thinking of planning your own session for your little one, here are some things to take into consideration!

Tips for Planning a Baby Session

  1. Plan for extra time. Baby sessions rarely go according to plan. I always suggest to build in extra time for changing outfits, stopping to calm or feed the baby, and making sure to get in all the giggles you can (which can mean extra giggling and jumping around).
  2. Have a  few outfits ready (plus backups!). Babies can be unpredictable, and the messes they make can be even more unpredictable! Have some of your favorite outfits ready, but also make sure to have backups.
  3. Make sure your baby is fed ahead of time. Feeding your baby right before the session will make them happy, calm and sleepy. Which is, the perfect combo for picture taking!
  4. Make sure the room is warm. Making sure the room(s) you’ll be photographing in is warm will really help to keep your baby comfortable and calm. You can use a heater or just turn the heat up in your house.
  5. Have extra blankets & props. Having extra blankets, headbands, and wraps will help your photographer have a variety of items to work with and come up with creative photos!
  6. Don’t forget sentimental items. All those special sentimental items from their birth and coming home are important and things you will want documented! Think of hospital bracelets, foot prints, jewelry, stuffed animals, special outfits, etc.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy your session! It will be something that you always look back on and smile.

For more baby session inspo, check out A Newborn Session | Rye, NY.



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