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October 3, 2021

Planning Your Fall Mini Session

Fall: That time of year when we eagerly start planning our fall mini sessions to get ready for our Christmas (or other holiday) cards! It’s that time of year when we search for a photographer, plan our outfits, wrangle our kids together, and chaotically make it over to our mini session. Our goal: to get there on time, with our sanity, and a huge smile on our face (right? I’m sure I’m not the only one has this struggle!). Even as a photographer, I can find it overwhelming to pull everything together for my family and make it to our session looking put together. So, here are a few suggestions to help you with planning your fall mini session!

Tips to Help Your Mini Session Go Smooth

  1. Don’t make it complicated. Choose an easy location to get to with a simple and nice backdrop. Fall is easy because leaves provide a gorgeous backdrop. Parks are everywhere and are a great choice!
  2. Don’t go overboard on the outfits. Choose outfits that compliment one another. Stick to solid colors and don’t have too many patterns. Throw in a nice hat, scarf, or vest if you’d like.
  3. Plan backup outfits for littles. If you’re like me and you have a toddler, there’s a good chance that by the time you arrive to the session, your kid’s outfit will already be a mess. Usually I try changing my daughter once we get to our session, and I’ll bring a back up outfit too. As a photographer, I’ve had so many babies and toddlers arrive to their session and immediately throw up on their outfit! It’s bound to happen, so play it safe with an extra outfit. It will help eliminate so much stress!
  4. Arrive early. This is especially important for mini sessions. Due to mini sessions being so quick and cheap, photographers will usually plan them back to back to maximize time. You’ll want to be right on time for your session because most likely there will be a session immediately following yours!
  5. Bring your pups! Those who know me will know that I’m a huge dog fan. We have 4 of our own, and I’m a huge believer of including them in your session! If you bring your pup, make sure to have a matching collar and leash for their session. It’ll help make your session look more put together and your pup will match too!

Don’t forget to Bring These Things

  1. Blankets & Jackets. Fall in New England can be pretty unpredictable. One day we’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the next day we’re freezing in our jackets. Make sure to bring your jackets and maybe a few blankets to wrap your kiddos into when transitioning between photos. Blankets also make a great extra prop to sit on for photos!
  2. Snacks. Snacks suddenly become magical for kids during sessions. Bringing a few snacks (that aren’t messy!), will help keep your kids focused in wanting to get their session done and their tummy’s happy!
  3. A Favorite Toy. As a photographer, toys can be a lifesaver! If your little one has a favorite toy, think about bringing it to their session. I can hold it up to get their attention, or it can be used to give as a reward after a few photos are taken.
  4. Hair brush & makeup. Right before your session, you’ll want to touch up your hair and lipstick. Make sure to carry it with you!
  5. A Wagon. As odd as this sounds, wagons can be lifesavers for photo sessions! They help when kids don’t want to walk, or to put all of your belongings in while we photograph your family.

This mini session was photographed at Rye Town Park in Rye, New York. It’s such a great location because it has multiple location backdrops – the park, the ocean, Playland Boardwalk and Playland Amusement Park!


If you have any questions / need advice, or would like to plan your own mini sessions, send me an email at

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